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How do I insert a new building block?

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Building Blocks are the basic structural units of your Web site pages. Using the building blocks you can add and edit content, including text, images, files, and other tools such as counters and feedback forms.

To insert a new building block:

1. Log into ImageCafe 

2. Click on the My Site Map tab at the top of the page then click on the Site Map button in the top navigation bar

3. Click on the page to which you want to add the building block then click on the Edit This Page button

4. If you have not yet specified the page layout you have two options both of which will insert building blocks – click on the Choose button under the option you want to use to open the Build Your Layout window:

  • Pre-Built Page Layout – If you've never set up a Web site page before, consider this option. Browse the professionally designed, pre-built page layouts, click on the one that best meets the needs of the page you're creating, and then click on the Ok button. (Be sure you select a layout that includes the number of images you want. These Pre-Built blocks are pre-designated placeholders for either images/graphics or text.)
  • Custom-Built Page LayoutThis page-layout method gives you control over the placement of the building blocks on your Web site page. Click on the building block selection you want to insert. You can stack building blocks on the page to achieve any custom layout you want. You'll see your blocks stack automatically on the right side of the page. Once you're satisfied, click on the Ok button.

5. If you have already specified the layout but want to add a new building block, click on one of the Insert New Building Block(s) button located above and below each current building block to open the Build Your Layout window

6. Click on the building block selection you want to insert then click on the Ok button 

Your building block(s) has been added, but you will need to click on the Go Live Publish button in the top navigation bar to publish your changes to the Internet.