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How do I insert hyper links to forms, files, other pages, or other websites into a building block?

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To access a Building Block, click on Web Site Pages, click on the page where you wish to add the link, and select Edit.

Locate the Building Block where you wish to enter the link and click the Insert Item button. If the block already has content and you wish to insert a link within it, click the Edit button.

To add a text link:

  1. Select the text you wish to link and highlight it.
  2. Click the hyperlink icon on the toolbar and enter the URL (Web site address) or e-mail address to which you want to link.

To add an image link:

  1. Locate the image from your Photos and Files library, free image library, or on your computer.
  2. Insert the image into a Building Block.
  3. The next screen shows you the image and offers the chance to create a link for it.
  4. Click that link, then select the type of link you want and enter the specifics on it (the e-mail or Web address or the file name from your Photos and Files library) to which you want to link.

To add a link to download a file:

  1. Locate the file from your Photos and Files library or from your computer.
  2. Insert the file into a Building Block.
  3. Complete the Display Properties area where you can enter the name for the link, or choose an icon for the link, that visitors will click to begin downloading or playing the file.

Before you go live with your linked content, click Preview Web Site from within the ImageCafé® Control Center to preview your work and test your links. You can update this information at any time by returning to the Web Site Pages.