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How do I see more detail about my website visitors?

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To view details about your website visitors, click the "Reports" tab, and then click the "Website Traffic" page.  Under the Recent Visitors section, click on the "View Full Report" link.

This section provides an overview of all your visitors, including the date of last visit, the number of pages viewed,  number of visits, number of leads generated,  and city, state and country where the visitors came from.

You'll notice when you look at your map that there may be visitors coming from odd locations that are not near your business.  The most common one you may see is Potwin, Kansas.  This is because sometimes we are unable to attribute a definite city and state to certain IP addresses.  We will know that it's an IP coming from the United States.  So, when this occurs, we'll place the location of the visitor in the geographic center of the United States - which is close to Potwin, Kansas.