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How do I set up a Network Solutions® website?

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Network Solutions® provides you with the online tools you need to build a professional looking Web site, whether you purchased a Web Hosting package or a multi-page Web site. ImageCafé® Web Site Creator enables you to create a professional-looking Web site without knowing any HTML.

To set up your Network Solutions Web site with ImageCafé Web Site Creator:

1. Log into ImageCafe 

2. When the new browser window opens, click on the Continue button

3. Type your Company or Web site name, and your slogan in the text boxes then click on the Next button at the bottom of the page

4. Click on the category link that best matches your Web site need (this will help us recommend templates that appropriately represent your Web site – designs applicable to the category you select will appear first)

5. Choose a Design template by clicking on select this design under the screen shot you want to use (you can scroll through the themes using the green arrows at the top of the page) – if you select a theme and then decide to preview more, click on the Back button and repeat this step

6. Select an image theme (typically a photo or graphic that appears on every page of your Web site) from the drop down menu then click on the Next button
Note You must select an Image Theme to continue, however you can return at a later time to add a custom Image Theme logo at any time after completing your initial set-up

7. Select a color theme for your Web site by clicking on one of the color boxes on the right then click on the Preview Site button to see how the selections you made for Web site name, slogan, design, image theme and color all work together

8. If you are happy with your choices, click on the Get Started button to begin customizing your Web site – you will automatically be taken to the Web site Control Center – if you want to make changes to your selections, click on the Back button until you reach the section you want to revise and then continue with the above steps 

The ImageCafé Web Site Creator Control Center will automatically open in your browser.

Note The next time you Log in to your Web Site Manager the ImageCafé Web Site Creator Control Center will automatically open.