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How do I track visitor traffic to my website?

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If you purchased a one- or multi-page Web site, SuperStats® allows you to analyze your Web site traffic with clear, customized reports providing data on when visitors are viewing the pages within your Web site. These reports help you monitor Web site traffic, visitor behavior, and online marketing efforts. Four powerful reports are included free with your Web site and two levels of upgrade Web stats reports are available for an additional fee.

If you purchased a Web Hosting package, Network Solutions® offers you WebTrends (Windows) and Webalizer (Unix®). These industry-leading Web site statistics tools enable you to monitor your Web site’s performance. Detailed reports can be reviewed from your Web browser.

To add the SuperStats reporting package to your one- or multi-page Web site:

1. Log into ImageCafe.

2. In the Use Your Web Site Tools section under Web Site Reporting Tools, click on the Free SuperStats link

3. Select the radio button next to the package option you want then click on the Continue button

  • Free with 4 reports
  • Standard with 9 reports (including the free reports)
  • Professional with over 100 reports (including the free and standard report offerings)

4. If you selected Free, you will receive confirmation in a new browser window indicating that Free SuperStats has been added to your Web site, click on the Close Window button and go to Step 8

5. If you selected Standard or Professional, verify your credit card information is correct or click on the link to Edit Credit Card Information and update your information

6. Click on the link to read the Service Agreement and when completed select the check box then click on the Purchase button

7. You will receive verification that SuperStats has been added to your Web site, click on the Close Window button

8. Click on the Go Live (Publish) button in the top navigation bar to publish your changes to the Internet

 Your SuperStats reporting package is now active. To view your traffic reports, from the Web Site Manager Control Center, click on the View Traffic Reports link in the Web Site Reporting Tools section.

 Note You must have a valid credit card associated with your User information in Account Manager or you will receive an error when you attempt to purchase SuperStats Standard or Professional.  

If your domain name has already propagated, your SuperStats tracking will begin almost immediately after you publish your Web site. Your reports will be viewable in Website Manager within 24 hours.