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How do I transfer my .ca domain name from Network Solutions to another registrar?

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Step 1: Initiate the transfer request at your new registrar

In order to transfer your .ca domain name from Network Solutions to another registrar you must initiate the request at your new registrar.

Step 2: Obtain your Registrant ID and Domain ID

Your new registrar will ask you to provide the Registrant ID and Domain ID for your .ca domain name. You can access this information by logging into your account at the .ca registry (CIRA) or by calling Network Solutions customer support. 


Step 3: Approve the request at CIRA

Once your new registrar submits your transfer request to CIRA, you will receive an email from CIRA requesting that you log into your CIRA account and approve the request. You have seven days to approve the request. If you do not approve the request within seven days, the transfer request is cancelled. CIRA will send you an email to notify you that the transfer request has been cancelled.


Step 4: Your new registrar completes the transfer

Your new registrar must complete the transfer once you approve the request at CIRA. This process will likely differ from registrar to registrar, so you should contact your new registrar to determine when you will be able to start managing your .ca domain name at their site. There are no further steps that Network Solutions® must take to complete the transfer.