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How do I turn on the page tips, confirmations and warnings?

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To turn your page tips, confirmations and warnings back on for the ImageCafé® Web Site Creator:

1. Log in to the Web Site Manager

2. Click on the Support Center button at the top right of the page

3. In the Tell Me section on the left, click on Browse our Comprehensive FAQs

4. In the Build & Maintain your Web Site section, click on Organize your Site

5. Click on Question #6 If I’ve checked the “do not show this to me again” boxes to turn off tips and confirmations pop-up windows, how can I turn them back on?

6. Click on the Reset button

7. In the open dialogue box confirming you want to reset the page tips and confirmations, click on the Ok button

8. When complete, click on the Close button to shut down the dialog box

Your page tips, confirmations and warnings are now active.