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How do I upgrade my WordPress?

To upgrade your WordPress blog to the latest version, you need to login to the WordPress administrative dashboard. At the top of the screen you should see a notice that asks you whether or not you'd like to upgrade to the latest version. If you do not see this notice, then you're already running the latest version.

If you accept the upgrade, a screen will come up asking you for your FTP credentials. WordPress asks you for your Hostname, your Username, your Password and a Connection type.

Hostname: put in “localhost” (without the quotes).

Username: should be your main FTP user name for your account and not your blog administrator name, you can find it in the “FTP & Content Publishing” section of your Network Solutions Account Manager.

Password: should be your main FTP password.

Connection type: Choose “FTP”.

You should then be able to succesfully upgrade your WordPress blog.