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How do I use Gmail to send and receive my Network Solutions Email?

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Network Solutions® now supports TLS Protocol, which allows the capability to send and recieve from within the Gmail® web interface.  Follow the steps below to set up your nsMail™ inside of Gmail®:


  1. Log into your Gmail® Account

  2. Click on the Settings Link and bring up your "Accounts and Import option"

  3. Enter your nsMail™ address and select "Next Step"

  4. Enter your nsMail™ settings and select "Add Account"

  5. Select "Yes" and hit "Next Step"

  6. Enter your Display Name and select "Next Step"

  7. Select the option to use SMTP settings to send through your domain.  Enter your SMTP Server information and select "Add Account"

  8. Enter the verification code that was emailed to your nsMail™ address.  Once you entered that, select "Verify"

  9. Your nsMail™ is now set up inside of Gmail®



If you'd like to send mail using your nsMail™ account (with TLS protocol), there are two ways to accomplish this:


  1. The first option is to select that account as the default account, meaning all mail will always be sent from you nsMail™ account

  2. The second option is to select which account that particular message will be sent from when composing a message.  You simply select your nsMail™ account in the drop down box in the "from" field of the compose screen.


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