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How do I use the Online Photos and Files Storage area?

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To use your online Photos and Files storage:

1. Log in to ImageCafe

2. Click on the Photo and Files tab in the top navigation bar

3. This will open up the Photo and Files manager and a listing of your folders will appear on the left-hand side with your files displayed in the center grid –you have the option to:

  • Sort these files – select an option from the drop down menu (alphabetically, file type, or date uploaded) above your file listing
  • Add (upload) new files – click on the Upload Files button, locate the file you want to upload, select it, click on the Open button, and then click on the Continue button
  • Delete  files – select the file you want to remove from the listed files, click on the Delete Selected Files button, then click on the Delete button when prompted (remember to remove any links to the file from your Web site pages)

4. When you are finished adding, previewing and deleting files, click on the Ok button to close the Photos and Files manager

Note: Each time you select Insert Item to add an image, graphic or other file on a page, the file is automatically stored in Photos and Files. Once an item is stored in Photos and Files, you can use that item anywhere in any of the Web sites associated with your account. Removing an item from Photos and Files will remove the image, graphic or file from your Web site. However, if you created a link to the item or added special effects to an image, you will need to manually edit the building block to remove the link and / or effect.

You can upload as many items as you want to your Photos and Files, however there are limits to the size of the individual items. The limitations are:

  • Images, Graphics or Documents (.gif, .jpg, .doc, .ppt, .xls, .pdf) - maximum file size allowed 5BM
  • Multimedia, Compressed, and Flash or Shockwave files (.swf, .mov, .mpeg, .avi, .mp3, .ra, .rm, .wav, .wmv, .sit, and .zip files) - maximum file size allowed 15MB

Be sure to check the file size to make sure it is within the limits before trying an upload. If the file exceeds the maximum size specified, you will receive an error message.