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How do you optimize my site?

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What is the SEO process?  How do you optimize my site?

There are many steps in the optimization process:

  1. We consult with you to understand your business needs and goals.   
  2. From this conversation, we perform keyword research to find high search traffic, low-competition keyword phrases.  We research your online competition and your website inventory to ensure that our keywords match your business.
  3. We create a unique SEO roadmap tailored to your business. 
  4. Once you have approved your keyword(s), the SEO work begins!  We do work on your site, including updating your site content, updating your title and meta tags, updating your sitemap and robots.txt.  We also execute a comprehensive link bulding strategy for your site, including directory submissions, article writing and submissions, blog comments and posts, and social media bookmarks.  We also perform specific ecommerce optimization tasks including; free shopping comparison feed creation and updates, keyword optimization of product descriptions and title and meta tag information so your keywords appear in the product descriptions in your online store, a Conversion and Usability Analysis report that can help identify reasons why customers may not convert (buy a product from your site) once they've landed on your website.
  5. Reporting is available for you 24/7 by clicking on Manage Account and following these instructions.