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Mailbox Setup / Configuration

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How to Add Contacts to Webmail

Adding New Contacts Through Webmail

Once you have logged into your webmail select "Contacts" then "New Contact".


After you have selected "New Contact" you will see the following screen:


  • General Tab - Here you can enter the details for your contact such as Phone Number, Name, Address, Email Address, and more. You can select what category you want this contact filed under, and which folder they should be added to. Additionally, you can choose whether or not they are a Private contact.
  • Private Tab - Here you can fill out information such as the Profession of the contact you are adding, Birthdate, Nickname, Additional Phone Numbers, Address, Marital Status, Anniversary. and more. There is also a section where you can enter notes about the contact.
  • Additional Tab - This tab allows you to enter any additional information that you feel is necessary for the contact, including TAX ID, Children, Spouse's Name, Telex, Assistant's Name, etc.


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