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How To Add / Set Up A Microsoft Access Database

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The Database Manager section provides you with the ability to create and manage your own data source names for your databases.

 To set up a Microsoft Access Database:

1.      Access the Hosting Control Panel

2.      Scroll down to the Configurations section and click on the Database Manager button then click on MS Access Database

3.      Click on the Add button in the upper right hand corner

4.      Type a Data Source Name (DSN) in the Data Source Name text box – this is the database name you will use in your HTML code to reference the database

5.      Type a database name in the Database Filename text box – the name of the Access database the DSN will be attached to; enter the entire filename, including the .mdb file extension

6.      Type a username in the Username text box [optional]

7.      Type a password in the Password text box and type it again in the Password Confirm text box [optional]

8.      Click on the Ok button

To view the MS Access database information, select the radio button next to the Database Name, then click on the View button.

Note If you password protected your MS database, you must use the same password during the add process.