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How to Adjust your Budget

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You can adjust your Monthly Budget from the Manage Budget tab.  Your Monthly Budget is the amount that you would like to target to spend on your Ads each month.  To adjust your Monthly Budget, from the "Manage Budget" tab, click the "Edit Monthly Budget" button.  PPC Optimizer smartly spends your budget to ensure you don't spend all your money in the first few days or weeks of the month.

You will have a Max Budget, which is the maximum you're able to spend.  To start, your Max Budget is $1,000 a month.  If you would like to increase your Max Budget, call us at 877-438-8599 Option 2.  Additional fees apply. 

Each week, you will be billed for your actual Ad Spend.  You can see an estimate of your Ad Spend to date from the Manage Budget tab.