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How To Configure an SSL

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To configure your Network Solutions® SSL certificate:

1.    Go to


2.    Click the Manage Account tab at the top right corner of your screen.


3.    Enter the User ID and password you created during your Web hosting purchase. If you've forgotten your log-in information, please visit:

4.    Click on My Products & Services tab.


5.    Click on the My SSL Certificates & Seals hyperlink.  If you have more than one SSL certificate, select the SSL you would like to work with.

6.    Type the domain name you wish to assign to the SSL Certificate.  If you have domain names in the same account you will have the option to choose the domain name from a drop down menu.  Once you have entered the domain click the Continue button.


7.    A confirmation screen will be displayed, once you have confirmed the domain name being assigned click OK.

8.    You will be asked to select where your domain name is hosted.  Select the type of hosting you are using and click GO


·         If you selected Network Solutions® hosting you will be asked to provide your Validation information.  Once entered click the Continue button


·         If you select Other hosting you will be asked to provide a CSR(Certificate Signing Request) enter your CSR and click GO


·         Once you have entered your CSR you will be prompted to enter your validation information.  Once entered click the Continue button

Once you have entered your validation information and have clicked the Continue button you will be provided a confirmation screen.

That’s it! At this point your SSL is configured and your information has been sent to our validation team for processing.  If our validation team needs additional information, they will contact you at the validation contact phone number and/or email address provided.

                     Once validation has all of the required information, your certificate will be issued in:

                        1 business day for an Advanced Certificate or Wildcard Certificate

                        2 – 4 business days for a Basic Certificate

                        4 – 5 business days for an Extended Validation Certificate.

You will be notified via email once your certificate has been issued.  If you are hosted elsewhere, your certificate files will be available for download in your Network  Solutions Account Manager.  If you are hosted with us, we will install your certificate automatically.