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How to create a new Campaign

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It's best to have multiple Ad Campaigns running  at one time for any website so you can test and learn what makes people click on your Ad, visit your web page, and convert into a lead or a customer.  To create more Campaigns, from the "Manage Campaign" tab, click the "Create New Campaign" link.  This will bring you to a flow much like the set up flow and will help you create a new Campaign. 

Step 1: Create New Campaign

Name your Campaign, and select which search engine you'd like the Ads to appear on.  Complete the Ad targeting information.   Click next.

Step 2: Write Your Ad

Name your Ad Group and Write your Ad as you did in the Set up flow.  You'll notice that the beginning of the Destination URL is pre populated for you.  This has been pre populated with the Primary Website you provided in the setup flow.  This has been pre populated to ensure that reporting will work accurately for Ads.  To edit your Primary Website or to add Secondary Websites , click on the "Edit Settings" link in the header.   Click Next once you've completed writing your Ad. 

New Campaign - Enter Keywords

On this Enter Keywords step, select the match type that the keywords you're adding will have: Broad, Phrase or Exact.  A Broad Match Ad will appear to searchers who search for similar phrases and relevant variations.  A Phrase Match Ad will appear to searchers who search for that exact phrase with other qualifiers.  An Exact Match Ad will appear to searchers who search for that exact phrase only.  

Next, set the maximum cost per click, or bid, that you are willing to pay for this keyword.   For help figuring out what a keyword costs, use the Suggest Keywords tool below.

To enter new Keywords, type them in this box on the left.  If you're stumped for additional keywords, type in a word or two in this box, and click the "Suggest Keyword" button.  The Keyword Suggestion tool will generate additional keywords that could be relevant to the keywords you entered.  Results will show here and will show helpful information, like advertiser competition, average search volume and average cost per click.  This will help you determine whether you can afford the Keyword, and if anyone is actually searching with it!

To add keywords to your list, highlight the selected keyword, either in the results box or the box where you typed in keywords, and click the green arrow to add them to your list. You may also add the suggested keywords to your list by clicking the plus symbol here.  If you want to delete any keywords from the list on the right, click the X button.  Once you have all the Keywords you want on this list here, click the "Add Keywords" button. 

New Campaign - Review

On this page, review your newly created Campaign, as you did during the set up flow.  If you are ready to activate this Campaign and have the Ad in this Campaign start to run on search engines, click the "Save and Activate" button.  If you'd like to do some more work on the Campaign before you activate it, perhaps create more Ads in this Campaign?, then click the "Save Only" button.  This will save the Campaign and it will have a status of paused.