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How to Design Your Site Video

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Designing Your Website

When you start thinking about your website, appearance is a primary consideration. You want your site to be unique and visually pleasing so that visitors come back again and again. Creativity is the limit when it comes to designing your website with the Website Builder Tool.

Begin by opening your website in the Website Builder Tool. If this is your first time accessing the tool, you will be invited to step through a simple setup wizard where you will:

·       Choose a design template for your site from our library of free designs or purchase a premium design template

·       Specify the title and logo that will appear on all pages of your site

·       Select the location of the navigation menu on your pages

·       Select your preferred color scheme

·       Add pre-built pages to your site

Once inside the tool, you can customize the appearance of your website further using options available under the Design & Layout tab.

Click the Designs button to select a different design template for your website:

·       You can search for available designs using keywords or browse through the design categories on the left-hand side of the popup window.

·       From here, you can purchase a premium design template that comes with higher quality images and other extra features.

·       You also have the option to preview a premium design template with your site contents before paying for it.

Click the Site Color Scheme option in the top panel to view pre-set color choices that we have defined for your site.

Use the options in the Customize Area of the top panel to change the appearance and position of various website areas:

·       Use the Edit Header option in the Header menu to open the Edit Page Header popup where you can change the background color and image used in your website header. Uncheck the Show box in the Header menu to hide the header on the current or all pages of your site.


·       Hover over the Layout option in the Navigation Bar drop-down to reveal a list of placements for the navigation bar on your site. Use the text editing options in the Link Font and Hover Font menus to change the appearance of your navigation links.


·       Page Content is the main area of your website pages where you will put most of your information. Use the options in this drop-down to change the content layout on your pages, replace the background color and image in the content area or update the formatting of text and links on your pages.


·       Use the options in the Footer drop-down to change the background color and image used in the footer that appears at the bottom of your pages. Uncheck the Show box to hide the footer on the current or all pages of your site.


·       Sidebar is an area on the left-hand side of your website that is typically repeated on all pages. Use the options in this menu to change the background color or image used in the sidebar as well as to show or hide the sidebar on all or only certain pages.


·       To change the background color and image for the entire page or website, use the options in the Background drop-down.

Keep in mind that if you select the Master Template from the list of pages on the left, design changes that you make will apply to all pages on your site. If you open an individual page, you will be prompted to apply the changes to this page only or the entire website.

You can preview your design changes the way they would appear on your published site by clicking Preview in the top right corner. As always, remember to publish your site for your new custom design to appear live to your website visitors.