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Blog Forwarding

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How to Forward Your Network Solutions Domain Name to a Free Blog Service

In order to point your domain name to a free blog service, like or, you will need to make modifications to your domains Advanced DNS records.

Be sure you have read the instructions provided by your free blogging service. For example, will ask you to utilize a name server called "". 

Network Solutions has always allowed domains to be pointed to IP addresses (A Records) or Host Aliases (CNAME records).  This feature is enhanced by redirecting the "@ none" A Record to the "www" CNAME.    Simply put, we are pointing to  Here's how.

1.  Within Account Manager, select My Domain Names

2.  Select the domain name that you want to manage

3.  In the green box, select Change Where Domain Points

4.  Select Advanced DNS, then Continue

5.  First, edit the A Records by selecting Edit A Records

     For the "@ none" enter the following IP address, clear the records for the "www" and "* (All others)", then select Continue

6.  Second, edit the Host Aliases (CNAME records) by selecting Edit CNAME Records

     Enter "www" in the Alias column

     Leave TTL set to 7200 but on the same line, enter the name servers provided by the blogging service in the Other Host section (for, this name server would be

     Select Continue