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How to Insert and Edit Text Video

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Inserting and Editing Text

Fresh content is not only important for keeping your website visitors engaged, is also critical step to being found.   Typically, the best websites are updated on a regular basis and contain a lot of good relevant subject content and therefore tend to rank near the top of search results.  Adding text to your website is easy with our Website Builder Tool.

Begin by opening a page in the Website Builder Tool where you would like to add or edit text and click the Content tab.  To add text, from the Text & Images drop-down select Text and drag the Text box to the desired area on the page where you would like to insert copy.  Click Save once you have entered text. 

To edit existing text, click Edit at the top of the inline editor.  Click Save once you have entered text.

From inline editor, you will be able to:

·       Change the font type and color

·       Adjust the font size, bold and italics

·       Add hyperlinks

·       Align the text left, center or right

Remember to click Save to apply your changes permanently. To close the inline editor, simply click anywhere on the page outsidtte the image area.

You can also get more advance features by clicking on the advance edit link. Advance edit will allow you to spell check you text, as well as other advance options like bullets, highlight and emoticons.

You can preview what your newly added or edited text will look like on the published site by clicking the Preview button in the top panel. Once satisfied with your edits, publish your site for the new image to appear live on your website.