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Spam & Virus Protection

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How to Minimize Spam

Unsolicited email (spam) is a serious problem for e-mail users. It has been estimated that more than 50% of all email traffic is now unsolicited, and the number is growing. Email from Network Solutions® comes with cutting-edge spam/virus/phishing protection built-in.

All incoming e-mails are screened, based on a number of search criteria, to detect and delete unwanted spam messages before they get to your inbox. When mass unsolicited e-mails are sent, they are detected almost instantly by the network and stopped before they reach your mailbox.

Even with leading spam detection, there is no foolproof way to prevent spam. There are a few steps you can take to avoid spam:

  • Avoid posting your e-mail address in a public place (if you need to post it you can always use the "dot " instead of the actual ".")
  • Read privacy information carefully when completing online forms that request your e-mail address, and exercise your choice
  • Use multiple e-mail addresses
  • Do not open or reply to e-mails from unknown addresses and never open attachments unless you know the person who sent it
  • Never click on a link from within a spam e-mail message, even to request "removal" from their mailing list, as this verifies your e-mail address as valid and will increase the amount of spam you receive. ***Note, if you signed up for a mailing list or newsletter, it is OK to click on the link to adjust your mail settings, instead of marking the sender for Spam**
  • Turn off your e-mail client's ability to "preview" e-mail messages - spam e-mail messages often have links embedded that report back to a Web server as soon as you preview the message
  • If you want to allow visitors to your Web site to contact you, provide an online form, and put the "send to" e-mail address in the form processing script rather than the HTML of the form itself.


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