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Purchasing Web Forwarding

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How To Purchase Web Forwarding For An Existing Domain Name From Network Solutions

How To Purchase Web Forwarding For An Existing Domain Name From Network Solutions®

Web Forwarding has the advantage of making multiple sites look like a single site. You can register misspellings, alternate extensions (e.g., .biz, .net, etc.) and / or abbreviations and then forward them to your primary Web site.

To purchase Web Forwarding for an existing domain name from Network Solutions®®:

1.     Go to

2.     Hover over the Domain Name navigation and select Web Forwarding

3.     In the Log in to select a domain from your existing accountsection enter your User ID and Password, then click on the Login button

4.     Select the check box next to the domain name you would like to forward, then click on the Continue with Web Forwarding button

5.     In the Destination URL text box, type the destination URL where you would like your new domain name to forward, select the check box next to Mask this URL if you want to turn on masking, then click on Continue

6.     Select the term periods you would like to purchase, then click on Secure Checkout

Once you complete the purchase process, Web Forwarding has been enabled for your domain name.

Please Note

For domain names that have been registered for 36 hours or more, it generally takes up to 12 hours for your Web Forwarding to be activated.