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How to Set Up PPC Optimizer

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The first time you launch PPC Optimizer from Account Manager, you will be brought to a 5 step set up flow.  This set up flow will help you create your first Ad Campaign!  Answer the questions and look for tip icons for help along the way.  You may save your work and come back to the set up flow at any time by clicking the "Save and Close" link at the bottom of the set up flow, but you must complete the set up flow before you can begin using the product.   

Set up step 1: Describe Your Business.

On this first step of the set up flow, describe your business.  Enter in the primary website for which you will be advertising.  Later, on the Edit Settings page, you can add additional websites if you like. 

Enter in how much on average your customers spend when they purchase your products or services from you.  For example, $50.00 for a vase of flowers. 

Give your monthly advertising budget.  You will be able to adjust this later on the Manage Budget tab. 

Complete who your Ads will target; everyone, or people in specific geographic locations.  You will also be able to adjust this later via the Manage Campaigns tab.

Set up step 2: Create Ad Campaign

On this page, we'll walk you through writing your first Ad. 

First, name your Ad Campaign and Ad Group.  A good name for your Ad Campaign would be the name of the products or services you want to advertise for in this Campaign, for example "Spring Flower Discounts."   A good name for an Ad Group would be the types of Ads you'll create in this Ad Group, for example "Ads for half off Spring flowers."  

Naming Ad Campaigns and Ad Groups helps you categorize and organize your Ads.  Ad Groups may contain a variety of Ads and Keywords, just as Campaigns may include a variety of Ad Groups.   Creating a hierarchy helps you, and the search engines, keep track of your Ads and Keywords.    

As you write your Ad, you can see how it will appear on search engines via the real time preview to the right.  

The first part of the destination URL will be pre populated with the primary website you provided in step 1 of the set up flow.  To change this, you can go back to step 1 to edit your primary website, and later, to add more websites, click on the "Edit Settings" link in the header once you've completed the set up flow. 

Set up step 3: Enter Keywords

Set the maximum cost per click that you will spend for Keywords in your Ad Group.  The cost per click is your bid, this is the maximum amount you are willing to pay each time your Ad is clicked. 

List Keywords that are relevant to the Ad you just created.  

Set up step 4: Review Ad Campaign

Now you can review the Campaign you just created.  If anything needs editing, click the Back button to return to the previous steps.  Once you're satisfied with this Ad, click the Finish button to advance to the next step.  Your Ad will not run on search engines until you activate it. 

Set up step 5: Next Steps

Congratulations!  You've successfully set up your first Ad Campaign! But your Ad is not yet running on search engines.  Click the "Get Started" button to move onto the Dashboard where we'll show you how to activate your Campaign.