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How to set your Conversions and Leads

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Click the "Edit Settings" link in the header.  Then click the "Edit Conversion Tracking" button to identify your leads and websites.  Your primary website will be pre populated with the website name you provided during the set up flow.  If you have any other websites for which you would like to drive Ad traffic towards, enter them in the secondary website box.  This includes any third level domains- such as   It's important to enter in your websites here so your reporting is accurately tracked!   Also, once you enter in your websites here, the website names will appear in a drop down menu in the Destination URL spot where you write new Ads. 

In the email addresses area, list the email addresses that appear on your website that you would like to track as leads, for example:  

In the forms area, list the full URLs of the forms that are on your website that you would like to track as leads.  A form is a set of text fields that a customer fills in on a website.  Usually forms are requests for information, for example, a "sign up for my email newsletter" form. 

List any high value pages you have on your website in the high value page area.  High value pages are pages on your website that surface when a customer completes a desired action after clicking on an Ad you've placed on Google® or BingTM | Yahoo!® Search.  Examples of High Value Pages are download confirmation pages after someone has downloaded your services price sheet, the "get directions" page of your website, etc.  Tracking pages that indicate a user has taken a desired action, or is interested in your business, help you to understand how well your Ads are performing. 

In the shopping cart thank you page area, list the full URLs of the "Thank you page" that your customers see after they've successfully completed a purchase on your ecommerce website.  

Click the "Save Changes" button once you're finished.