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How To Upload Files Using FTP

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FTP can be used to upload your files to Network Solutions. There are several different FTP software packages available, but the more common ones include WS_FTP, CuteFTP and CyberDuck (Mac OS X).

Before you begin uploading your files, you will need to configure your FTP software to work with Network Solutions Hosting. You will need the following information, available in the FTP Accounts section, to configure the FTP client:

  • Host Name/ Address – This can be either your domain name, such as or an IP address
  • Host type – Always select auto-detect
  • Username / UserID – This is your FTP username as assigned in the FTP Accounts section
  • Password – This is your FTP password as assigned in the FTP Accounts section.  Once your FTP password has been set you will be unable to view your password, please commit your password to memory.

For instructions setting up your specific FTP client, please reference the help section of your FTP Software or their Internet Web sites. We’ve provided some useful links below:





CyberDuck (Mac OS X):

Note If you upload files that have the same name as files already on the server, the files on the server will be overwritten.

Files are active as soon as you upload them to the Network Solutions Server.

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