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Installing SSL Certificate Topics

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Installation for C2Net Stronghold

Installation of an SSL Certificate for C2Net Stronghold


You can find the files required for installation in Account manager, either by downloading the zip file or by downloading them individually from the individual file download section.


Note: There are three certificates that need to be installed during this process. The first is the "Site" certificate and should be named ''.crt where '' is your domain (so for example, if your domain is '', the filename will be '').


The second two are the Intermediate CA certificates, named 'NetworkSolutions_CA.crt' and 'UTNAddTrustServer_CA.crt'; these Intermediate CA certificate files come with your site certificate file in the zip file. Please follow the steps below: 


If you already have a temporary certificate in your /ServerRoot/ssl/certs directory, move, rename or delete it. Run the command 'getca servername' where 'servername' is the same name created during generation of the key or certificate request ( 'genkey servername' or 'genreq servername').


Open the site certificate with a text editor and copy the content (including the lines below), as shown below to your clipboard:




Paste the contents into the terminal window where you ran 'getca'. Enter Control-D or the appropriate EOF character for your terminal.

Before restarting the server please install the intermediate certificate as below:
Use the Intermediate CA certificates provided with your site certificate and copy the certificate content (including the lines below), as shown below to your clipboard. You should copy the 'NetworkSolutions_CA.crt' content and then the 'UTNAddTrustServer_CA.crt' content next.


In summary, after copying all the content, you should have the following on your clipboard:



('NetworkSolutions_CA.crt' content)



('UTNAddTrustServer_CA.crt' content)



Paste the content into the file "ssl/certs/ca_new.txt" located in your ServerRoot directory. Change the SSLCertificateChainFile directive in your httpd.conf file to point to the ca_new.txt file:


SSLCertificateChainFile ssl/certs/ca_new.txt

Now restart the Web server so that the new certificate is loaded.