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Installing SSL Certificate Topics

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Installation for F5 BigIP

Installation of SSL Certificates for F5 BigIP


After you obtain an x509 certificate from a certificate authority for the SSL Accelerator, you must copy it onto each BIG-IP Controller in the redundant configuration. You can configure the accelerator with certificates using the Configuration utility or from the command line.


To install certificates using the Configuration utility

In the navigation pane, click Proxies. The Proxies screen opens.
On Proxies screen, click the Install SSL Certificate Request tab. The Install SSL Certificate screen opens.

In the Certfile Name box, type the fully qualified domain name of the server with the file extension .crt. If you generated a temporary certificate when you submitted a request to the certificate authority, you can select the name of the certificate from the drop down list. This allows you to overwrite the temporary certificate with the certificate from the certificate authority.

Paste the text of the certificate into the install SSL Certificate window. Make sure you include the BEGIN CERTIFICATE line and the END CERTIFICATE line.
Click the Write Certificate File button to install the certificate.


To install certificates from the certificate authority using the command line

Copy the certificate into the following directory on each BIG-IP Controller in a redundant system:



Note: The certificate you receive should overwrite the temporary certificate generated by genkey or gencert.


If you used the genkey or gencert utilities to generate the request file, a copy of the corresponding key should already be in the following directory on the BIG-IP Controller:



To install the intermediate certificate using the command line

There will be a text file available in the individual file downloads section in Account Manager named 'Apache_Plesk_Install.txt'. Even though the file is named as such, it will still work on your server. Rename the Apache_Plesk_Install.txt file as 'intermediate-ca.crt' and then place it in the directory /config/bigconfig/ssl.crt/.


Note: The ssl.crt directory is used to store certificates and certificate authorities.

In a redundant system, copy the renamed file into each BIG-IP Controller.

WARNING: In a redundant system, the keys and certificates must be in place on both controllers before you configure the SSL Accelerator. You must do this manually; the configuration synchronization utilities do not perform this function.