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How do I install the SiteLock Trust Seal?

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What is it?

Let your customers and visitors know that your website is a safe place for them and that security is a high priority by placing the SiteLock Trust Seal on your website.


What is the impact?

Displaying a trust seal instills trust in your brand, customer loyalty, and commonly increases sales.


How does SiteLock protect me?


The SiteLock Trust Seal assures your customers know in real-time that your website is secure, verifying with a daily scan and updating the trust seal date automatically. The Trust Seal is available in a variety of styles as well as 9 languages.


Colors:  Red, White

Languages:  English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, German, Russian

Style:  Malware Free, Secure


All SiteLock website scanning packages come with the SiteLock Trust Seal.


Customers have the option of displaying the Trust Seal on their website when the associated scan finds no issues. The Seal displays the current date if all scans are passed.  This verification takes place upon every request for the Seal and are cached each day for performance.


SiteLock offers two styles of Trust Seals:


·         Malware Free Trust Seal - no issue detected by the Malware Scan or by SMART Scan

·         Secure Trust Seal no issues detected on the App Scan, which includes SQLi & XSS 



If vulnerabilities or malware is detected, SiteLock will provide a 72 hour grace period before a site is decertified.  When a site is in the ‘Decertified’ state, we do not show the Trust Seal.  Instead, a transparent image is displayed (no broken image link will appear).


How do I install the SiteLock Trust Seal?


·         Log into the SiteLock Dashboard 


  • Login to account manager
  • Click on the "My SSL Certificates & Seals"
  • Select the box next to your SiteLock product and click the "Manage" button
  • Click the "Launch" button to access your SiteLock Daskboard


·         Select the domain intended for the Trust Seal from the right side of the Dashboard

·         Scroll down to ‘Deploy SiteLock Trust Seal:





Step 1.  Choose the language for the SiteLock Trust Seal

Step 2.  Choose color, size and style

Step 3.  Choose how to install the SiteLockTrust Seal.  Options include:  

·         I want SiteLock to install the trust seal automatically on my website using TrueShield

o   Choose a location to display your trust seal:  right, left, bottom, bottom right, bottom left

o   Only available when SiteLock TrueShield Web Application is installed 

·         I want to install the trust seal on my website. Show me the code.

o   Copy the code

o    Insert the code in the body of the website's code.

o    Generally, the seal should be placed in the footer of your website's code. However, it can be pasted in the footer, header, or any specific place you would like the seal to be seen by visitors.