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Understanding Your Website Reports

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Interpreting the Graph

The trending graph that appears on your website reports is a visual representation of your website performance over the selected time period. For example, the graph can be a trend in the number of visits or page views that you website has received. On the Keyword Ranking report available to our nsMarketing customers, the graph is the ranking trend of your website in the top search engines.

Trending Graph on Keyword Ranking Report

report graph


  • The vertical bar in the graph is the scale for the number of page views, visits, ranking positions or other metric tracked with a given report.
  • The horizontal bar is your date range. To select a different date range, click the Date Range drop-down box at the top of the report. You will be able to set a custom date range using a calendar or select from pre-defined options.
  • You can choose to view information in the graph in daily, weekly or monthly increments.
  • Hover over the data points in the graph to display performance data for any given point in time.
  • Use the legend to the right of the graph to understand the color-coded lines.