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SSL Certificate Validation Process Topics

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Legal Opinion Letter for Government Organizations for Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Sample Form Legal Opinion Letter for Verifying a Government Organization



[Law Firm Letterhead]





Network Solutions LLC

13861 Sunrise Valley Drive
Herndon, VA 20171
United States of America

Fax: 1-866-294-0799


EV Certificate Request No. [Insert Network Solutions order number]


[Exact organization name of Client - see footnote 1]

Client Representative:

[Exact name of Client Representative who signed the Application - see footnote 2]

Application Date:

[Insert date of Client's Application to the Issuing CA,]


This firm represents [exact organization name of Client][1] ("Client"), who has submitted the Application to you dated as of the Application Date shown above ("Application").  We have been asked by our Client to present you with our opinion as stated in this letter.


[Insert customary preliminary matters for opinion letters in your jurisdiction.]


On this basis, we hereby offer the following opinion:


1.                  That [exact organization name of Client] is a duly formed government organization that is "active," "valid," "current," or the equivalent under the laws of the state/province of [name of governing jurisdiction where Client is incorporated or registered] and is not under any legal disability known to the author of this letter.


The organization was formed on: [enter date that government organization was formed].


The identifier of the legislative or executive act which formed the organization is:


2.                  That [Client] conducts business under the assumed name or "dba"[assumed name of Applicant] and as registered such name with the appropriate government agency in the jurisdiction of its place of business below.


3.                  That [name of Client's Representative][2] has authority to act on behalf of the organization to: [select as appropriate]  (a) provide the information about Organization required for issuance of the EV Certificates as contained in the attached Application, (b) request one or more EV Certificates and to designate other persons to request EV Certificates, and (c) agree to the relevant contractual obligations contained in the Subscriber Agreement on behalf of Organization.


4.                  That Organization has a physical presence and its place of business at the following location:







5.                  That Organization can be contacted at its stated place of business at the following telephone number:




6.                  That Organization has an active current Demand Deposit Account with a regulated financial institution.



7.                  That Organization has the exclusive right to use the following domain name in identifying itself on the Internet:





[Insert customary limitations and disclaimers for opinion letters in your jurisdiction. 


[Name and signature]

[Jurisdiction(s) in which attorney / latin notary is admitted to practice][3]


cc:  [Send copy to Client]



[1] Note: This must be the Client's exact corporate name, as registered with the relevant Incorporating Agency in the Client's Jurisdiction of Incorporation.  This is the name that will be included in the EV Certificate.

[2] Note: If necessary to establish the Client Representative's actual authority, you may rely on a Power of Attorney from an officer of Client who has authority to delegate the authority to the Client Representative.

[3] Note: This letter may be issued by in-house counsel for the Client so long as permitted by the rules of your jurisdiction.