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nsProtect™ Safe Vulnerability Scanning

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Meaning of the different nsProtect™ Safe Vulnerability Status Levels in Account Manager
  • Awaiting Scan: The first vulnerability scan has not occurred. nsProtectTM Safe vulnerability scanning takes place every 24 hours.
  • On Hold: Your nsProtectTM Safe service is currently not active.
  • Scan Failed: nsProtectTM Safe has found a Security Alert on your website. If vulnerabilities listed as Security Alerts are not remedied within 7 days, your nsProtectTM Safe Certification Seal will be suspended until you successfully pass the vulnerability scan.
  • Scan Passed: nsProtectTM Safe did not find any vulnerabilities on your website.
  • Scanning Suspended: At the account manager's request, nsProtectTM Safe vulnerability scanning has been temporarily suspended. Your website is currently not being monitored for vulnerabilities.
  • Scanning Resumed: nsProtectTM Safe vulnerability scanning has resumed scanning your website. Your website is being scanned for vulnerabilities every 24 hours.
  • Seal Suspended: Your nsProtectTM Safe Certification Seal has been suspended because you failed to remedy the vulnerabilities identified as security alerts within the required 7-day time period following the initial failed scan.