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Merge User IDs

By merging User IDs to manage all accounts with one User ID and one password, you can:

  • Save time by eliminating the need to track and remember multiple logins
  • View all domains and accounts regardless of what kind of account contact you are
  • Make quick changes in bulk across multiple accounts, but keep accounts separate

Before merging User IDs, you must:

  • Know the exact spelling of the User IDs and passwords for all of the User IDs that you want to merge
  • Decide which User ID you want to keep because the User ID that you do not keep is deleted from the system.

You can combine as many User IDs as you like, but you can merge only two IDs at a time. To merge additional User IDs, repeat the process below as often as needed.

To merge User IDs

  1. Within Account Manager, click the User Profile section under the Account Settings tab
  2. Select the Merge User IDs in the User ID and Password section
  3. In the two text boxes, enter the User ID and corresponding passwords that you want to merge and click Continue
  4. Select the User ID that you want to retain
  5. Click Merge
  6. If you made any change to the Account Holder name, read and agree to the Network Solutions® Service Agreement; if the name does not change, you do not see this screen
  7. An on-screen confirmation verifies that the two User IDs have been successfully merged

Please note

When you are done merging User IDs, all users receive an e-mail confirmation of the User ID consolidation. This important security feature prevents unauthorized User ID consolidations and minimizes user confusion about logins.