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Email Marketing Set Up Guide

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MyLibrary Plus Set Up Guide

Welcome!  This guide will help you learn how to use MyLibrary Plus powered by Constant Contact®.   

Why Use MyLibrary Plus?

MyLibrary Plus powered by Constant Contact®, allows you to grab your readers' attention with pictures.   

Getting Started

Step 1:  Log into Network Solutions® Account Manager

Go to and log in via the "Manage Account" button.  If you have forgotten your login information, please visit  


Click the "My Online Marketing Services" link under the My Products and Services tab and click on "MyLibrary Plus powered by Constant Contact®."  



You may also select "MyLibrary Plus powered by Constant Contact®" from the drop down under "My Online Marketing Services" and you will be brought to the Constant Contact page.

Step 2:  Log into the Constant Contact® control panel

From the Constant Contact® page, click the blue "Click here to Log In" button to begin using MyLibrary Plus.  This will launch the Constant Contact® control panel in a new browser window. 


Step 3:  Upload pictures and documents

Watch Constant Contact®'s full set up guide tutorial, found here, for lots of detail on how to begin using MyLibrary Plus! 

Next Steps: 

For more information and help, there's lots of information on our support center.