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No one is clicking on my Ads, what do I do?

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It can be frustrating when no one is clicking on your Ads, or you can't seem to spend your Monthly Budget.  Here are a few ideas on things to adjust within your PPC Ad Campaigns to get some more clicks:

1. Play around with your Keyword Match Type.

Since you're having a hard time getting clicks on your Ads, set your Keyword Match Type to Broad if they are not already. This can allow your Ad to be shown to more people.

2. Use your Keywords.

Make sure you're using your Keywords in your Ad Copy. It really helps people resonate with your Ad when they see the Keyword they just typed into the search engine appear in the copy of your Ad.

3. Ensure your Keywords are relevant.

The Keywords you're setting up for your Ad Groups should be 1. Relevant to the Ads in that Ad Group, and 2. Relevant to the content on your Website. Otherwise your Quality Score could suffer.

4. Entice people to click.

Make sure your Ad copy is enticing to potential customers so they will want to click on your Ad. Mention any sales or promotions you might be offering - anything that will make the searcher click your Ad over a competitor's Ad.

5. Edit your Geo-Targeting.

Make sure your geo-targeting isn't set to too small of an area. You want to reach the people you can service, but don't want the area to be so tiny that only a small amount of people will see it.

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