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Getting Started with nsWebsite Kickstart

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nsWebsite Kickstart Set-up Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of nsWebsite Kickstart from Network Solutions®! Getting a custom built website with professional content and copywriting that is designed specifically for your business will set you apart from your competition.

What's Next?

To get your website started, the following will need to take place:

Step 1: One of our Web consultants will be calling you for a brief interview. During the interview, the Web consultant will ask you questions about your business, products or services, location, and other information important to your business. This will ensure that our online experts set up your website that will accurately reflect your business.

If our Web consultants are unable to reach you, we will not be able to set up your website, so please make sure you are available or call us back.

Step 2: As part of your nsWebsite Kickstart package, you will receive unlimited modifications to your website for the first 30 days.  After that you will receive up to 30 minutes of modifications with one of our professional modifications specialist per month. You will also receive the ability to make self edits to your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our Website Builder Tool.

Step 3: At any point you can provide us with any images or information that you would like to include on your website by completing a modification submission form at