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Often Overlooked Causes of Being Blocked

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All content within an email message can and will be tracked by most spam filters out there. The most popular causes tend to be related to your IP address, message header (date, time, From:, To:, etc.) and the actually content with the message body and subject lines. But there often are overlooked items as well.

Once a sender receives a lower reputation score, causing them to get blocked, spam filters will look for ANY commonalities in future messages. This can range from:

  • Phone Numbers
    • This is often overlooked, but is identified in the same way as URLs/Domains.
  • Footers
    • Any information contained within the footer can and will be used against the sender in future messages.
  • Images
    • Image names will also tip-off spam filters out there that this could be coming from a user with a lower reputation score.
  • Signatures
    • Often signatures contain information that can also help identify users with lower reputation scores. These are usually the most overlooked cause as their very nature lends itself to contain user identification material such as: phones numbers, email addresses, names, etc.
  • Anything else that stays the same from message to message.
    • Anything that will help identify a message to a user with a lower reputation score likely will eventually be picked up by spam filters. 

Please remember that even if you are marked as a Trusted User by our support teams, your reputation score can and likely will decrease if any of the above items are not addressed.


Ensure your email messages do not unintentionally become spam. Visit out Product Blog to learn best practices for emailing your customers:


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