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Understanding Your SEO Reports

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Overview Page

The Network Solutions® Overview page will be the first page you see.  The default view of what you will see here is a graph of the number of visitors to your website over time.  Visitors are people who view your site.  The date range is shown on the top right, and can be adjusted by clicking on the link.  A calendar will appear where you can select starting and ending dates for when you'd like to see data.  The date range that appears on the link in the top right is applied throughout the reports. 

You may also change the data you see in the graph on this overview page.  On the far left, near the left hand navigation, click on Visitors to change the data you see in the graph.   Other options are: Bounce Rate, Conversions, Return Visitors, Page Views, New Visitors, Pages per Visitor.

  • Bounce rate is the percentage of users who never go past the page they entered on your site.
  • Conversions are the number of people who have taken a predetermined action on your site - ie filling out a form, sending an email, buying a product. It is up to you to tell the reports which specific urls are a conversion page. For more information on how to set this up, see How to identify conversion pages.
  • Return Visitors are people who return to your website for a second, third, etc time.
  • Page Views is the total of the number of pages all of the visitors on your site have viewed.
  • New Visitors are people who have never been to your website before.
  • Pages per visitor are the number of pages one person views on average per time they go to your website.


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