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VPS Hosting Quick Start Guide

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Parallels Plesk Configuration


Step one: Input Administrator Information

On your first log in to Plesk®, you will be prompted to "Please Enter Administrator's Information."

Input the relevant data into the form and then click on the "OK" button.

Please note: It is critical that the information be input prior to utilizing your Virtual Private Server.



Step two:  Add your subscription/domain:

Click [add new] next to the My own subscriptions.


Step three:  Subscriptions setup

Fill out the subscription with your Domain, FTP details, and choose the type of subscription.

Check the option: Proceed to customizing the subscription parameters after it is created. Note that this will make the subscription locked for syncing


On the following page click ok.

Step four: Choose the options you want enabled for this domain (you can change these later)

Once complete click update & lock

Step five: Launching the control panel

Following this you will be taken to the subscriptions page. At this page you can go into this domain’s hosting control panel. 

From the control panel you can add databases, applications, add FTP users, and other such tasks.

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