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Getting Started With PPC

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Pay Per Click Advertising Set-up Guide

Getting Started With PPC

Pay Per Click Advertising Set-up Guide

Welcome! This guide will help you learn how to use the Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Service from Network Solutions®.

Pay Per Click advertising places ads in the margins of the search engines such as Google® and Yahoo!®. For these ads to appear for potential customers, advertisers must bid on keywords or search terms that Internet users will type when looking for products and services online. Advertisers pay only when someone clicks on their ad - hence Pay Per Click.

The Pay Per Click Advertising Service from Network Solutions® goes beyond the traditional Pay Per Click model. It is a pay per action program that drives relevant customer leads to your business through phone calls, e-mails, submission forms, shopping cart checkouts, and high value landing pages. Our solution combines the power of cutting edge online marketing technology with expertise of the Google® certified specialists who work closely with you to design and manage successful Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

Follow the simple instructions below to set up your Pay Per Click Advertising Service.

Getting Started

Step 1:  Schedule your consultation via our Online Scheduler.  To access the online scheduler:

  1. Go to and log into your account manager
  2. Under the My Products and Services tab, click on the nsMarketingTM link
  3. If you have multiple nsMarketingTM products, select the one that contains the appointment you want to schedule.
  4. Once on the nsMarketingTM Service Details page, select your preferred appointment time and click Save.
  5. You may also use this page to reschedule your appointment if needed. 

You will talk with your Account Manager who will ask specific questions about your business, the type of online visitors you would like to attract, and the current online marketing campaigns that you are running.

Step 2. We will send you a summary of our initial consultation and assign a Google® certified Pay Per Click Analyst to research and define keywords (and keyword phrases) that will be the target of your campaign. The Analyst will create ads and set up your advertising campaigns in the search engines. Once this is complete, you will receive a list of keywords from us and your campaigns will go live on the Google® and Yahoo!® search networks.

Step 3. You will be able to track the progress of your campaigns through near real time reporting available online 24/7. To access your reports:

 Step 4. Use the summary screen to get an overview of your campaign performance, including:

  • Clicks and Leads per Day
  • Recent Leads
  • Top 5 Ads
  • Top 10 Keywords
  • Budget Spent
  • Visitors Referred by Search Engines
  • Location of Visitors

Click the View Full Report links located throughout the dashboard or the navigation menu on the left to get detailed information in various sections. Use the Campaign drop-down menu at the top of the screen to view the performance metrics for various campaigns. To change the date of the report, click the Date Range field at the top of the screen.

Step 5. Our system will track and report the number of times users click on your ads as well as the number of customer leads you receive through phone calls, e-mails, form submissions, shopping cart checkouts, and high value landing pages. If phone tracking is enabled for your advertising campaign, you will be able to play back recorded phone calls from your customers. From the reporting dashboard:

  • Click View Full Reports in the Recent Leads section.
  • In the Leads Viewer, select a row with a phone icon.
  • In the Phone Lead Details section, press the green play button to listen to the recording.

Step 6. Use the Pay Per Click Reporting tool to rate the quality of leads you receive as a result of advertising in the search engines. This information helps the Pay Per Click Analyst optimize your campaigns further and allocates your advertising budget to the type of leads that are the most valuable to your business. To rate the quality of your leads:

  • Click View Full Reports in the Recent Leads section of the reporting dashboard.
  • In the Leads Viewer, select the lead you would like to evaluate.
  • In the Quality Rating of Lead section, click the star that corresponds to the lead value, with 5 as the highest rating.
  • Add your comments in the Notes section for the Analyst to review.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

We encourage you to login to your Pay Per Click Reporting on a regular basis to monitor the campaign performance. Assigning a quality rating to your leads will empower your Analyst as well as the technology platform to make your campaign more effective.

Creating Landing Pages

To further boost your campaign performance, we can create a custom landing page that potential customers will see when they click on your ad.  A call to action will be featured prominently on the landing page encouraging visitors to your website to take action such as signing up for a newsletter, completing a form or making a purchase.

There is an additional one-time fee of $150 and a recurring monthly fee of $50 for a custom landing page. To create a landing page that is tailored to your business needs and website goals, schedule a consultation with your Account Manager by calling 1-877-663-5169 1-877-663-5169       Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST.

The initial consultation will cover the landing page design, graphics, text and other components. We will ask you for access to your FTP server so that the landing page can be placed under your domain name. After the consultation is completed, it will take 3 to 5 days to publish your new landing page.

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