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Getting Started With PPC

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Pay Per Click Campaign Package Set -up Guide

Getting Started With PPC

Pay Per Click Campaign Package Set -up Guide

Welcome!  This guide shows you how to use the Network Solutions® Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Package. 

Pay Per Click advertising has changed the way many businesses find potential customers. By targeting specific keywords and placing ads on search engine result pages featuring these keywords, you can increase traffic to your website and potentially increase sales.

Getting Started

Step 1:  Schedule your consultation via our Online Scheduler.  To access the online scheduler:

  1. Go to and log into your account manager
  2. Under the My Products and Services tab, click on the nsMarketingTM link.
  3. If you have multiple nsMarketingTM products, select the one that contains the appointment you want to schedule.
  4. Once on the nsMarketingTM Service Details page, select your preferred appointment time and click Save.
  5. You may also use this page to reschedule your appointment if needed. 

You will talk with your Account Manager who will ask specific questions about your business, the type of online visitors you would like to attract, and the current online marketing campaigns that you are running.

Step 2:  You can review reports on demand. Your reports show which keywords and search engines are driving traffic to your website. To view these reports, go to the Network Solutions® Account Manager. 

Step 3:  Login to the Account Manager at If you have forgotten your login information, please visit Under the My Products and Services tab, click on the nsMarketingTM link to locate your Pay Per Click Campaign Package.

Step 4:  Click View Full Reports. This will launch Network Solutions® Reports.  Click the Reports tab to view your information. 

Step 5:   The overview screen shows the number of visitors to your website.  You can adjust this view by clicking the Visitors drop-down arrow on the left near the navigation and selecting different criteria to view in the graph.  You may also adjust the timeline of the graph by clicking the dates in the upper right-hand corner of the graph.

Step 6:  To see clicks and impressions by search engine, click Pay Per Click and then Campaigns

Step 7:  Traffic Sources shows how people are finding your website. The Visitors report provides more information about the people who visit your website, including average time spent on the site. The Site Details report shows the most popular pages as well as the top exit pages on your site. 

For additional help, pause your mouse pointer over the question mark icons found throughout the report. If you need further assistance, please contact your Network Solutions® Account Manager.