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Managing Your Site with Website Builder

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Performing an SEO Analysis of Your Site

You have created and optimized your website and now you would like to know how well it performs in the results of search engines like Google® and Yahoo!®. You can begin by analyzing keyword usage on your pages with the help of the Website Builder Tool.

1. On the list of pages under the Website Overview tab, click Properties for the page you would like to analyze. You can also right-click on this page in the left panel under any other area of the tool (Design & Layout, Page Editor and Add-ons) and select the Properties option.

Figure A. Accessing Page Properties

page properties

2. In the Page Properties popup that opens, review the page title, description and keywords and make adjustments as needed. Then click the Analyze Page button on the right-hand side.

Figure B. Analyzing Your Pages in Page Properties

analyze page

3. The tool analyzes the content of the current page along the three criteria: (1) the overall amount of text on the page, (2) keywords used in text and (3) keyword density or how often your keywords appear throughout the page.

Figure C. SEO Analysis Results

seo analysis results

4. If you receive an OK or poor rating, you need to make adjustments to the text on your page or the keywords that you are targeting.

5. To analyze a different page, use the Change Page drop-down list at the top of the popup window.

6. If you have made changes to any of the page properties, make sure to click Save and Apply at the bottom of the popup window and republish your website.

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