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Personalize Your Account Name

Personalize Your Account Name

You can personalize your account name to make it easier to distinguish among different accounts. Note that:

·         Only the Account Holder or Primary Contact can make changes to the account name.

·         Your new account name can be up to 32 alphanumeric characters in length.

To personalize an account name

1.     Log in to Account Manager via the Manage Account Button

2.     Click on the Account Settings tab

3.     Click on the Account and Contacts button

4.     If you have multiple accounts, click the account number that you want to personalize; otherwise, skip to the next step.

5.     In the Account Information section, click the Edit User Profile button

6.     In the Edit Account Information section, click the hyperlinked text Rename Account

7.     Enter a new name in the text box

8.     Click the Save button