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Meineke PPC User Guide

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PPC User Guide - Budget Used


The Budget Spent section of the PPC Reporting Tool features a bar that gauges the amount of campaign budget spent in the current ad cycle. It also provides valuable information on:

  • Your remaining budget.
  • The start and end dates of both the current and the previous advertising cycles.
  • The next date your account will be charged as well as your previous billing date.
  • The actual amount your campaign(s) spent in the previous advertising cycle and any amount carried over the to current cycle.

The green bar indicates the amount of budget spent to date in the current advertising cycle. 

Figure 1

To view additional details:

  • Click View Full Report at the bottom of this section. A detailed budget report is displayed.

Figure 2


  • In the Budget Consumed by Day section, roll the mouse over any of the bars to view the actual dollar amount spent on that day (Figure 2). The Y axis of the graph represents the budget spent in dollars.
  • Use the Budget Details section to analyze your spending by day. Information includes the dollar amount, as well as the number of clicks and leads by type (such as high-value page, shopping cart purchases, phone calls, and others).
  • In the Totals row, you can get the total amount of budget spent, along with the total number of clicks and leads received in the date range you selected for the report (Figure 2).

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