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Getting Started With PPC

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PPC User Guide - Clicks and Leads per Day

The Clicks and Leads per Day graph can be found at the top of the page next to the Navigation Menu (Figure 1). This is the daily count of clicks and leads for all your campaigns.

Figure 1

  • Select the checkbox next to Total to view the data for all campaigns or choose a specific campaign from available checkboxes. Campaign graphs appear color-coded.
  • Use the radio buttons in the top right corner to toggle between Clicks and Leads per Day and Leads per Day by Lead Type(Figure 2). Available lead types are shopping cart, form, e-mail, phone and high-value page. The graphs for various lead types appear in different colors.

Figure 2

  • Hover over any point on the graph to display a pop-up with the number of clicks or leads on that day.

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