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Meineke PPC User Guide

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PPC User Guide - PPC Basics


This Section Covers:

  • What is Pay Per Click Advertising?
  • How Does PPC Work?
  • Advantages of PPC
  • Network Solutions® PPC Services


What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising involves creating and placing ads at the top or right-hand side of search results pages. Many businesses use these ads to persuade people to visit their websites.

In order for a PPC ad campaign to be successful, you must "bid" on keywords that best define your business so your ad will appear on appropriate keyword search result pages.


How Does PPC Work?

Instead of paying a flat fee each month to place ads on keyword search result pages, you will be able to keep advertising costs low by only paying when people click on your ad. Bid amounts vary based on the keywords you want to use.

You will work with your Sales Representative and Account Manager to determine a proper pay-per-click budget based on the type of industry you are in and your marketing budget.

You can increase or decrease the amount of estimated clicks each month.


Advantages of PPC

The main advantages of PPC are:

  1. Cost – Your budget is consumed by the clicks and leads your ad receives each month.
  2. Speed – Most PPC ad campaigns are up and running in 5-7 business days.
  3. Control – Your analyst will work to control what Internet users see when they view your ad or click through to your website.
  4. Timing – Set up your ads to run only when you want them to.
  5. Targeted – Easily hit your target audience by using the proper keywords and ad copy.
  6. Calculation – PPC is easily measured. Marketers are able to get raw data about ad campaigns within seconds and can easily determine the cost per lead or acquisition.


Network Solutions® creates and manages pay per click advertising for you. We offer:

  1. PPC campaign set-up and management, including daily monitoring of how your ads are performing.
  2. Multiple ways to generate leads for your business through phone calls, emails, form submissions, high-value landing pages, and shoppoing cart checkouts.
  3. Local advertising through targeted PPC ads.
  4. Creation of online ads that send phone calls to your business when a visitor clicks on your ad. Phone call tracking enables us to record the phone calls your ads drive. You can log into our reports and listen to these phone calls at your leisure.
  5. On-demand reporting to help you understand how your ads are performing and where leads are coming from.

This User Guide is designed to help you utilize the PPC Reporting Tool offered by Network Solutions. Use this guide as the first step toward accessing and analyzing the results of your managed PPC campaigns.

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