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Meineke PPC User Guide

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PPC User Guide - Recent Leads


Review your latest leads in the Recent Leads section located below Clicks and Leads Per Day (Figure 1). View lead types, source of leads (caller's phone number, e-mail address, etc.), date and time each lead originated, and lead rating. Click column headers to sort the data in the desired order.

Figure 1

  • Click the View Full Report link at the bottom of this section to get complete details on each lead.

Figure 2

In the Leads Viewer (Figure 2):

  • Use the drop-down menu in the top right corner to filter leads by type (e.g., phone versus e-mail leads).
  • Click column headers to sort the list in the desired order.
  • Select the lead you are interested in. Lead details appear in the bottom half of the screen.
  • To listen to a phone call recording, press the play button

  • Rate the quality of your leads in the Quality Rating of Lead section by clicking the star that represents the desired rating - 0 to 5 with 5 as the highest.

In addition to accurately reflecting the value of each lead for your business, the rating helps our analysts understand what you consider a good lead, which, in turn, allows us to create the most effective PPC campaign for your business.

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