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Account Manager User Guide

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Profiles and Accounts - Merge Accounts

Profiles and Accounts - Merge Accounts

If you have multiple accounts with Network Solutions®, you can use the Merge Accounts feature to combine two or more accounts into a single account.

When you merge accounts, you save time by being able to update account or billing information just once for multiple accounts under your control.

Before merging accounts, note the following:

·         To merge two accounts, you must be the Account Holder or Primary Contact for both accounts.

·         After you merge accounts, the account you do not keep will be deleted, and its domains and services will transfer into the account you choose to keep.

·         Merging accounts is a permanent change, so carefully review the domains and services in each account that you want to merge.

·         To merge accounts with different User IDs, you first must merge User IDs, as explained in the Merge User IDs section of this guide.

·         You can only merge two accounts during a session. To merge more than two accounts, repeat the process below as often as necessary.

To merge two accounts

1.     Log in to Account Manager via the Manage Account Button

2.     Click on the Account Settings tab

3.     Click on the Merge Accounts button

4.     If you have multiple accounts, click the account number that you want to modify; otherwise, skip to the next step.

5.     At the bottom of the page, click the Merge Accounts button

6.     Select the two accounts that you want to merge by clicking the boxes next to the accounts.

7.     Click Continue.

8.     Select the account under which you want to consolidate services.

9.     Click Merge.

10.   The Account Holder for this retained account becomes the Account Holder for both accounts

11.   If merging accounts results in a change to the Account Holder name for the retained account, you must read and agree to the Network Solutions® Service Agreement

12.   If the Account Holder does not change, you will go right to the verification screen