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Program Support

Program Support

Afternic and Network Solutions®® are committed to providing you customer support for the Afternic® Premium Promotion. Please review the list of questions types below to determine who you should contact for your particular question. 


·         Questions regarding the Premium Promotion program, how to sign up, and how to set up a listing on the Afternic site.

·         Questions about listing fees and commissions, as well as program guidelines.

·         Questions regarding payment to the seller once a domain has sold.

·         Questions or technical issues regarding managing the Afternic account.

Network Solutions®

·         Questions about the transfer of your domain from your current Registrar to Network Solutions®.

·         Questions about how to opt-in and opt-out your domain from the Premium Promotion.

·         Questions about how to manage standard domain services – DNS, renewals, private registration, web forwarding, etc.

Contact Information

Afternic Customer Service:
866-351-9586 (Toll Free)
781-839-7990 (International
Via email:
Hours: 8 am -7 pm Easter Monday through Friday

Network Solutions® Customer Service:
24 hours a day, 7 days a week