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Managing SSL Certificates Topics

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Reissuing an SSL Certificate for SHA-256

To Reissue an SSL Certificate for SHA-256

Recently Google started a process to gradually sunset its support for the SHA-1 cryptographic hash algorithm certificates.  That means that all certificates that are SHA-1 will start displaying errors when attempting to connect.   Network Solutions has started to offer SHA-256 certificates in order to update your certificate to SHA-2, you will need to reissue your certificate.  In this case you will also need to import the new root and intermediate certificates.  Please refer to your server's support guides for the steps to import the new root and intermediate certificates.   In order to start the reissue process follow the below steps.

1.    Go to

2.    Click the Manage Account tab at the top right corner of your screen.


3.    Enter the User ID and password you created during your Web hosting purchase. If you've forgotten your log-in information, please visit:

4.    Click on My Products & Services tab.

5.    Click on the My SSL Certificates & Seals hyperlink

6.    If you have multiple SSL Certificates click on the SSL you need to manage.  Once you have pulled up the nsProtect™ Secure Service Details page click on the Reissue hyperlink

7.    Select the radio button next to what type of hosting you are using and click the Go button

8.    If you have selected other Hosting you will be presented with the option to enter your CSR if you have selected Network Solutions® Hosting you will be presented with the option of entering your validation information.


Reasons for reissuing your SSL Certificate:

·         You have changed your Web server software.

·         You have moved to a different Web hosting provider.

·         Your private key has been lost or compromised and you plan to revoke your Certificate.

·         You have accidentally deleted your private key and cannot re-install it from your backups.

As a benefit to our customers, Network Solutions® will reissue your Certificate free of charge under certain circumstances as defined in our Certification Practice Statement (CPS). To reissue your SSL Certificate, you will need to create a new CSR, and then log in to your Account Manager and follow the instructions there to "Reissue an SSL Certificate."

Please note: If details other than those associated with your public key require amendment, Network Solutions® may be required to revalidate your application. If the reissue request does not pass the validation process, Network Solutions reserves the right to refuse your reissue application and the original Certificate may be revoked.


For additional assistance in reissuing a Certificate, please contact us at or call at 1-877-228-1023.