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Microsoft® Hosted Exchange Guides

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Reset a Mailbox Password

Resetting your Microsoft ® Hosted Exchange Password

1.      You may go directly to the URL or you may go through the Network Solutions Support Center.

a.      To go to the URL go to:

b.      To enter via Network Solutions Support Center, go to

c.       Choose Support


d.      Choose Email

e.      Choose "Reset a Mailbox Password"

f.        This will take you to the Control Panel, sign-in using your email User name and password.

2.      Once in the Control panel, select "User Account"



3.      Then  choose the "login" icon

4.      The next screen shows the emailbox information, click the "Change Password" button



5.      Enter a new password as indicated

a.      The Password must be 6 letters and contain 3 different types of characters: uppercase, lowercase, numeric and special characters.  If there are less than 3 types of characters, the minimum length is 8.

 Tip: The “Generate Password Button” will create a system generate password for you.