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Reset Network Solutions® Services

Reset Network Solutions®® Services

If you have lost the capability to use Network Solutions®® services as a result of making changes using DNS Manager – Advanced Tools, you can either reactivate services individually or reactivate all services by reverting all DNS settings to the default Network Solutions® settings. Note that:

·         When you reset all your Network Solutions® services at one time, you lose your custom DNS settings

·         DNS updates will take up to 2 hours to take effect (updates may resolve more quickly at some locations than others because many name servers on the Internet retrieve updates at different times).

To reactivate Network Solutions® services individually

1.     Network Solutions®Log in to Account Manager

2.     Under My Domain Names, choose the domain you would like manage from the drop-down list and click Go

3.     In the green box, click the Change Where Domain Points button

4.     Select Advanced DNS and click Continue

5.     In the Reset Network Solutions® Services section, click Reset.

6.     Review the list of requested changes.

7.     Click Save Changes.

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